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Welcome to the NFSC Dictionaries, the dictionaries of the New Federal State of China. To facilitate the study and research, the GNEWS operating team has developed the New Federal State of China Dictionaries, an online encyclopedic database that is compiled and maintained by volunteers on an ongoing basis.

  • An encyclopaedic library written in truth
  • Highly readable, with carefully laid out content that is reader-friendly
  • Mainly maintained by war veterans on a voluntary basis, with appropriate guidance from a team of advisory editors
  • Free from interference from mainstream media, evil forces and BGY

The dictionary currently contains 6 pages and is available in,,,,,,,,,,, and.

Since 2017, Mr. Miles Guo has launched an unprecedented Whistleblower's Movement with live webcasts to peacefully promote the change of the evil regime of the Chinese Communist Party and to prepare for a New Federal State of China in the post-communist era in all aspects of politics, rule of law, diplomacy, economy, defence and culture, advocating the values of Zhengdaoism for the future of humanity. Cumulatively, there have been over 2,000 live broadcasts and Gettrs to date, collating over a billion words. Mr. Guo's live broadcasts not only include exclusive secret information from the top echelons of the CCP, but also extend to a wealth of topics, from current affairs to the past and present, ranging from national events such as politics, economy, military and diplomacy, to astronomy and geography, local customs, ancient and modern anecdotes, religion, history, music, literature, art, architecture, science, fashion, etc. He has a wealth of knowledge, as well as a witty and witty effect on the scene, and a deep insight when you look at it. It has become a de facto encyclopaedia, conveying profound wisdom between ordinary conversations.

“Human beings have masters”. The flowers blossom and fall, and the human being is the spirit of all things, unborn and undying. When the soul recognises the constraints of time and the physical body, the human being is set free to perceive the true nature of life, which is far grander than the phenomenal world. The meaning of human existence is experience and sublimation, a path practised by sages and philosophers throughout the ages. Human society has developed to the point where material abundance and spiritual disorientation coexist, and the stubborn disease of thought that has accumulated over the centuries, the increasing indulgence in the material world of pleasure and the fear of death, has finally manifested itself in the form of the Chinese Communist Party and its allies in the dark forces creating the CCP coronavirus biochemical war around the world, plunging humanity into extinction.

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Guide ■■■■○ ■○○○○
Zhengdaoism ■■■■○ ■○○○○
The Whistleblower's Movement ■■■■○ ■○○○○
A Declaration of the NFSC ■■■■■ ■■■■○ User:Bz0az17a
The New Federal State of China ■■■■■ ■○○○○
Miles Guo ■■■■■ ■○○○○
Miles Guo Collection ■■■■■ ■○○○○
The China Communist Party ■■■■○ ■○○○○