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Welcome to the NFSC Dictionaries, the dictionaries of the New Federal State of China. To facilitate the study and research, the GNEWS operating team has developed the New Federal State of China Dictionaries, an online encyclopedic database that is compiled and maintained by volunteers on an ongoing basis.

Page Priority Completeness Contributors Remarks
Guide ■■■■○ ■○○○○
Zhengdaoism ■■■■○ ■○○○○
The Whistleblower's Movement ■■■■○ ■○○○○
A Declaration of the NFSC ■■■■■ ■○○○○ User:Bz0az17a
The New Federal State of China ■■■■■ ■○○○○
Miles Guo ■■■■■ ■○○○○
Miles Guo Collection ■■■■■ ■○○○○
The China Communist Party ■■■■○ ■○○○○