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The Declaration of the New Federal State of China was announced aboard the Lady May on June 4, 2020 in the New York Harbor with a view of Liberty Island. It was read by Hao Haidong and Steve Bannon in Mandarin Chinese and English, respectively, and signed with a traditional blood seal by Miles Kwok (Guo Wengui).

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June 4th, 2020


It is the Whistleblower's Movement that has brought us together! In order to realize the Rule of Law, Democracy, and Freedom in the New Federal State of China, we have established the Himalaya Supervisory Organization. During the past 3 years, the Whistleblower's Movement, led by Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Stephen K. Bannon, has exposed the illegitimacy and true evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its deceptions. The Himalaya Supervisory Organization is a voluntary Non-Governmental Organization with no political affiliation of any kind. It is recognized by the international community and protected by International Law along with the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society. It will serve as a bridge of communications between the New Federal State of China and international communities in areas of cooperation, defending people's freedom, and protecting the security of assets on the basis of common development and mutual respect among the people of the whole world.

Our Mission to Take Down the CCP

The Chinese Communist Party is a terrorist organization funded by the Communist International which has subverted the legitimate Chinese government in the past. Totalitarian rule in China has caused horrific atrocities against humanity, total disregard for human rights, the destruction of humanity, trampled all over democracy, violated the rule of law, dishonored lawful agreements, caused great bloodshed in Hong Kong, and the exported corruption across the globe. Recently, it unleashed a biological attack on the free countries of the world with the CCP-Virus (the COVID-19 virus), which poses a serious threat to the health and survival of all human beings. The crimes it has committed are too heinous to be tolerated!

The elimination of the Chinese Communist Party is essential in breaking the shackles of slavery imposed on the Chinese people, and also in bringing about peace to the world. The New Federal State of China, as a country without the Chinese Communist Party, will be able to fulfil the needs of all Chinese people as well as ensure the prosperity of the world.

The Vision of the New Federal State of China

It is suggested that the New Federal State of China should draw up a Constitution in reference to the democratic and legal systems of the West, and any relevant international laws. It should be conducted under the supervision of international institutions and the Himalaya Supervisory Organization. Government bodies will be established according to the principle of ‘one person one vote’ and the separation of executive branch, legislative bodies, and judicial systems(5). An electoral and impeachment system should be set up in coexistence to ensure the efficiency of operations so as to avoid substantial social chaos and disasters brought about by the rule of man.

The new Constitution ( 6 ) will include the following protections:

  1. Human rights, rule of law, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and private property rights which are sacred and inviolable.
  2. The New Federal State of China will endeavor to promote permanent peaceful relationships and seek common development with people all over the world.
  3. Legislation must be enacted that guarantees educational opportunities, retirement pensions, and health care — which are basic needs for the welfare of the people. Education plays a vital role in a country’s progress, thus we must strive to: expand investment in the overall education system, draws valuable lessons and practices from the West, respect teachers at all levels, and ensure education is compulsory and non-discriminatory.
  4. Protections for natural environments and animal habitats so that all life can coexist harmoniously.
  5. Regarding relationships with Hong Kong, Macao, Tibet and other regions — the New Federal State of China should promulgate a Special Autonomy Ordinance as soon as possible, and strictly enforce the rules. Taiwan should remain in its current status and enjoy expanded trade and steady development, while achieving common prosperity with the New Federal State of China and other regions.
  6. Confiscate and recover all assets that were plundered by kleptocrats within the Chinese Communist Party, and return the wealth to the Chinese people.(7)
  7. Grant amnesty to all prisoners after the establishment of the New Federal State of China, except for criminals who have committed capital murder or crimes against humanity.

The Mission of the Himalaya Supervisory Organization

At the time of the announcement of the establishment of the New Federal State of China, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization hereby solemnly pledges: in view of the fact that the CCP still holds the state power to exercise various methods of extreme control over the people, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization will make all preparations for the formation of the New Federal State of China with outreach efforts. It will actively liaise with various countries, political parties, associations and international friends supporting the establishment of the New Federal State of China and coordinate relationships between the interim government. It will guide and assist the preparation of the new government, and ensure the smooth, effective, and steady progress of the preparation of the New Federal State of China.

The Himalaya Supervisory Organization will collaborate with international supervisory organizations to oversee the operations of the New Federal State of China according to law. The Himalaya Supervisory Organization complies with both international law and laws made by the New Federal State of China and accepts strict supervision from relevant international legal institutions.

Sponsors and Formulators of the Declaration

Global fellow supporters of Whistleblower’s Movement

The Himalaya Supervisory Organization

Chairman of Rule of Law Foundation -- Mr. Kyle Bass

Chairman of Rule of Law Society -- Mr. Stephen K. Bannon

Leader of Whistleblower’ s Movement & Founder of Rule

of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society

Mr. Miles Guo (Guo, Wengui)

June 4th, 2020

Appendix (notes and related documents)

(1) Himalaya Supervisory Organization

The founding principles of the Himalaya Supervisory Organization are defending the security, wealth, freedom and dignity of the Chinese people together with the international community, safeguarding the future of the Chinese people, and contributing to the peace of the New Federal State of China and the world in the next millennium. “Himalaya” stands for democracy, rule of law, and freedom.

Established on the same basis of the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization is a non-government organization that is substantial, legitimate, composed of designated personnel, and protected by international law. It will always serve as a third party to build a platform and bridge between the New Federal State of China without the Chinese Communist Party and the world to achieve everlasting peace, openness and transparency, compliance with law-binding rules, and open cooperation. It will also work closely with other countries in developing an ecosystem encompassing law, media, culture and finance, and will explore advanced internet technologies to increase transparency in the democratic system and reduce political and economic costs associated with its operation.

As a non-profit organization based overseas, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization will be bound by stringent regulations ratified jointly by the United States and the New Federal State of China government when elected, wherein penalty mechanisms will be established in order to guarantee a long lasting, effective, transparent and just supervision of the democracy, freedom, and rule of law in the New Federal State of China. Those from Himalaya Supervisory Organization who violate the clauses above will subject to the most severe punishment imposed by the new Chinese government, the United States government, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization, and other oversight organizations in accordance with law.

The June 4th Incident, also known as the Tiananmen Square massacre, is the most significant and far-reaching democratic movement and student movement in China's modern history. Therefore, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization chose June 4th, this special date, to solemnly proclaim the New Federal State of China declaration!

(2) The Evil Nature of the CCP

Since CCP became the ruling power of China in 1949, it has initiated several brutal political campaigns: land reform, suppression of counter-revolution, the Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, the One Child Policy and so on. In total, hundreds of millions of people died prematurely. What’ s more, they destroyed thousands of years of moral culture of Chinese tradition, destroyed China’ s upper classes, and destroyed the social foundations of the elites.

After the Tiananmen Square Massacre in the year of 1989, the CCP regime cheated the US and other western countries, eventually gaining their trust to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). They generated enormous amounts of wealth by selling and exploiting the cheap labor force of the Chinese people, causing heavy pollution, destroying the land, rivers, and lakes. Nevertheless, not only did the CCP fail to share their wealth with their own people, but it has been continuously and unscrupulously stealing national assets and wealth to transfer to overseas accounts of their countless illegitimate children, mistresses and proxies.

Defying rule of law and justice, the CCP has been running a false state, a mafia state, a police state, and a corrupted state. The CCP willfully and illegally plundered and confiscated the property of private entrepreneurs and caused countless wrongful convictions such as Nie Shubin; They also undermined their 50-year commitment to Hong Kong of ‘one country two systems’ , violently repressed, tortured and killed Hong Kong citizens who were defending freedom and democracy. They are ramping up their arms, threatening neighboring countries, and flexing their muscles. Furthermore, they have resorted to using unrestricted warfare by developing this deadly bio-weapon virus, covering up the truth and spreading the virus to over 180 countries around the world. Millions of people are infected, hundreds of thousands of lives are lost.

(3) Rule of Law Foundation, Rule of Law Society

Similar to many other charity organizations, the Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society are non-profit corporations set up to comply with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code §501 (c)(3) and §501 (c)(4). Since it is domiciled in New York State, it also exists under the supervision of the New York State Attorney General's office.

Vision: To ensure that the Chinese people live in a Federal State of New China under the rule of law, religious freedom, freedom of speech and private properties are protected permanently by law.

Mission: To expose corruption and illegal practices in China’ s political, legal, commercial and financial systems under Communist party rule. To supervise and expose all kinds of illegal activities that may take place in the commonwealth of new China.

Core Values: practice high ethical standards of integrity and accountability. To bring justice to the people of the New Federal State of China. To protect and assist individuals victimized in China, particularly those penalized for speaking out against injustice. To advocate for freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, and of religion. To protect private property and promote public oversight of government activities.

(4) The New Federal State of China

(5) The New Government

(6) The New Constitution

Under the supervision and advocacy of Himalaya Supervisory Organization, the New Federal State of China will be a land without CCP. The Chinese people will elect their ruling powers through the “One Person, One Vote” system.

  1. The new government will be elected by all Chinese citizens through a “One Person, One Vote” system. All citizens have the right to form political parties to take part in the election, any political party must be supported by at least one-third of the legitimate votes to be eligible to participate in the national level election. A new constitution and set of laws will be based on Western laws including the British “Common Law” and United States “Case Law”, and will be voted on by referendum. The Constitution and law will define and limit the government's rights and functions while simultaneously protecting citizens’ rights and interests . The new government accepts joint supervision of its citizens, Himalaya Supervisory Organization and legitimate international institutions.
  2. Establish a modern government with separation of powers. The executive branch, legislative bodies, and judicial systems are kept separate to ensure checks and balances. The government shall be elected through “One Person One Vote” and be free of control or manipulation by any political party or leader of any interest groups. The government’ s fiscal policy shall be open and transparent to the public and subject to supervision. Financial disclosure from government officials is mandatory.
  3. Reparations, by way of thorough investigations into unjust, false and arbitrary cases during the Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square Massacre, corruption during the anti-corruption movement as well as all other political movements. Compensate the victims by law. Return personal and corporate assets that have been confiscated illegally. Under international law and practices, grant amnesty for the Chinese Communist Party members and other prisoners (except those who are indicted with capital crimes and crimes against humanity). Set up trials for the kleptocrats. Retrieve and recover assets that have been taken by or transferred to all the former leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and their proxies and return them to the country and its people.
  4. Similar to the federated system of the United States, where the federal government holds the sovereignty of the States and all individual states enjoy full autonomy. In the new government, Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet shall enjoy solemn and independent autonomy under the federal government, while Taiwan shall be able to continuously enjoy its current political status and system. To further learn from British governance in Hong Kong before 1997, China will readopt aspects of open and free social environments and social management systems. Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet shall be able to enjoy all governmental jurisdiction except for national defense. On the basis of never changing the status quo with regard to Taiwan, the future new government and the people on both sides of the Taiwan straits will vote together to make the decision. This is to further ensure that the people of Hong Kong manage and administer Hong Kong, while the people of Taiwan manage and administer Taiwan, and the Tibetan people administer Tibet. The powers and authorities of those independent autonomous regions should be supervised jointly by their respective people, the new federal government, Himalaya Supervisory Organization, legitimate international organizations and institutions in order to avoid potential extreme separatists and warlords.
  5. Sign a “One Thousand Year Peace Treaty” with countries around the world based on equivalent, reciprocal, permanent and measurable principles. The new administration shall establish an organization on permanent peace, coexistence, and legally bound international corporation committees with the world’s civilized countries headed by the United States. The legal rights of the committee shall be confirmed by the Constitution of the countries, respectively, which permits the Committee the power of supervision and punishment for the new administration of China. The permanent peace treaty should cover elements of economy, finance, technology, culture, education, intellectual property, market reciprocity and resource mobilization.
  6. The new government upholds the spirit of openness, diversity, and embraces and encourages international cooperation. National security and sovereignty are exceptional, New China will permanently open to and exchange with the world under the premise of equality and freedom in the areas of government structure management, customs, education, culture, sports and media. Regardless of race, gender, age, nationality and beliefs, talents will have equal employment opportunity and can move freely across national boundaries to achieve reciprocal and mutually beneficial development with the world.
  7. Implement a self-defense oriented national defense policy. Unless attributed to the top-secret of national security, China's national defense must be completely open and transparent to the world, and become a military guarding force for a millennium of peace between China and the world. Work with most countries in the world, led by the United States, to establish a permanent peaceful defense mechanism that does not harm anyone, and establish long-term mutual trust and mutual supervision. The army must be independent of any political parties and politics, pledge allegiance only to the constitution and the country, and realize the nationalization of the military system. Replace the current compulsory military system with a professional soldier system. Under no circumstances should the military be allowed to participate in politics, warlord separatism, or the suppression of civilians for reasons such as martial law or violence control. All the offenders will be treated as military rebels and public enemies of the country, and the participants will be deprived of all economic, political and social rights. The federal government and local governments can carry out military strikes against rebel generals without authorization.
  8. To permanently remove the socialist system and public ownership of the economy. Protect the rights and interests of the people as stipulated by the law, including permanent ownership and property rights on real estate and lands, and the inviolability of private property.
  9. To protect citizens’ freedom of religion. Make legislation and regulation on practicing religion, preaching religion, and the separation of church and State. Prohibit the misuse of religion as means to serve the State, or to engage in fraudulent affairs with the purpose of acquiring wealth.
  10. To make legislation that guarantees citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, assembly, association and migration. Remove the household registration system (hukou) in a set time frame. Take down the Great Firewall and guarantee citizens’ freedom of information.
  11. To enact laws to protect the freedom of press. The media should not be subject to political interference and censorship. It should be a “fourth power” that is independent of legislation, administration and justice system. Its power and freedom to report the truth and to supervise the government should be protected as stipulated by law. There should also be legislation that prohibits misleading or fabricated information shared by the media.
  12. To encourage the harmonious coexistence of people, nature, and its habitats. Legislation on environmental protection should be put in place to combat pollution and restore natural ecosystems. Apart from religious practice and ethnic customs, legislation should prohibit the consumption of protected animals and animals which are dear to humans, such as cats, dogs, monkeys, and certain other animals.
  13. Pursuing education is the foundation of building a country by inspiring people's wisdom, transforming society and promoting civilization. Respect teachers, tradition and embrace the future. Education is independent of politics and respects the law during its own development. By learning from the western advanced education model and using modern scientific and technological means, we can realize diversified investment in education, equal opportunity, emphasis on practice, public and free of charge and individual development. We will protect the independence of creation, freedom of expression and inclusiveness of the intellectual and cultural communities.
  14. To abolish the state owned and politically influenced sports system. Develop a new sports system that respects humanity, encourages healthy physical state, and inspires independent individual personality. Ensure that students are given sufficient time for sports, in order to build a solid physical foundation for diverse intelligence, resolved mind and overall development.
  15. Legislation to build a healthy and secure social system that protects vulnerable and minority groups, including safety and wellbeing of children and women, based on the rule of law recognized by international cooperative agencies. Abolish the One-child policy. Make legislation to severely punish trafficking women and children, as well as domestic violence. Ensure that the elderly, people with disabilities, veterans, and their families are provided with insurance, medical care and welfare by the State.
  16. Establish a federal medical insurance fund system that provides basic medical insurance for all citizens. Citizens at their own expense, are free to choose additional medical services outside of the basic medical treatment package.
  17. Legislation to combat fraudulent activities of any kind. Combating fraudulent and deceptive activities should be considered a priority in the new Constitution and the laws. Any fraudulent acts should be severely punished as a way to eradicate the sinister legacy from the CCP’ s principle of ruling by fakery. Fraudulent activity in news media, business products, and academia are forbidden. Propaganda based on false ideology should also be strictly forbidden.
  18. Encourage scientific and technological innovation. Encourage individuals, businesses, universities and research institutions to increase investment in technological innovation. The State should put in place laws that strictly regulate patent and intellectual property protections while punishing piracy and intellectual property theft.

(7)Recovering Assets Looted by the Chinese Communist Party

Chapter V (Asset Recovery), Articles 51-59 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) identifies asset recovery as the ‘basic principles’ of the Convention. The provisions on asset recovery will establish a framework in both civil and criminal law for tracking, freezing, confiscating and returning funds obtained through corrupt activities. In most cases, the requesting country will receive the recovered funds as long as it can prove a valid ownership. In some cases, funds may be returned directly to individual victims.

If there are no other arrangements, the State Party may use the Convention itself as a legal basis. Article 54(1)(a) of the United Nation Convention against Corruption states each State Party (should)....... take the necessary measures to allow its authority to execute the confiscation order issued by the court of another country. In fact, Article 54(2) (a) of the Convention against Corruption also provides that the asset may be temporarily frozen or confiscated if there is substantial evidence to take such action before receiving a formal request.


  1. The Himalaya Supervisory Organisation reserves the right to final interpretation for this declaration.
  2. All interpretation will be based on the Chinese version of the declaration, while the English version will serve as reference only.

New Federal State of China Flag

New Federal State of China Flag

  1. Also known as: 49 Cosmic Star Flag
  1. Also known as: Himalayan Star Flag

Ratio: 3:2

Color: ocean blue, sun gold

The national flag of New Federal State of China was inaugu-rated on May 26, 2020

The flag made its first official appearance on June 04, 2020

Form: a blue rectangular flag with 49 golden Himalayan stars sur-rounded by double ellipses in the shape of Chinese characters, 中(Centre). Element composition:

Element composition

New Federal State of China Flag

Meaning: the mission of heaven

The 49 cosmic stars are shaped like the Chinese character "Zhong 中 ", which is connected inside and outside, galloping freely and reflecting each other's layout. To show balance between Yin and Yang by the interaction between heaven and earth, together these constitute a symmetrical and stable space of cosmic energy. Every star is a symbol of life, which represents human rights and the equality of all beings. The strength of the stars together mean unity and adher- ence to heaven's sacred mission.

The heart of the star, auspicious eternal: the people of the Federal State of New China worship heaven, earth, and all Gods; With common belief in mind as the core: freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, respect for the old and the young, respect for women; We will rally the people to uphold the right path and bring together the world and all countries to contribute to peace and friendship for generations to come. Together, we will create a new world of fairness, justice, and a lasting civilization, and make the universe a glorious place for all gods and goddesses.

The color of the golden sun shows the above board's political integrity, a symbol of wealth, peace, the people's mind, rights, preciousness, joyfulness. The color of the blue sea represents the origins of life, a symbol of eternity, broadness, nature, mysteriousness, romanticism, and dreams. Water and sunlight give birth to life. Blue for Yin and gold for Yang, Yin, and Yang, two instruments of all things, millions of substances make up hundreds of thousands of worlds; A symbol of the holy spirit of the Himalayas glory, and it will be endless.

Blessing from Mr. Guo Wengui

Mr. Guo Wengui prayed for the inauguration of the New Federal State of China flag.

Pray for the 1.4 billion Chinese people! Thank god for giving us a holy and powerful weapon that will open a new chapter in our history. Take down the Chinese Communist Party, restore the courage of the Chinese people and find our great wisdom. Under the dome, the charm of the 49 cosmic stars will destroy all evil- ness! Let our Chinese people regenerate again!

——Mr. Guo Wengui was at his home in New York at 2:46 am, New York time, May 26, 2020

Name list of the designers

Chief Creative Consultant and Director: Mr. Guo Wengui General Planner: Weizisunaiqige Wenxi (Brothers-in-arms from the Whistleblow- ers’ Movement) Chief Designer: CCgerP (Brothers-in-arms from the Whistleblowers’ Movement) Deputy Chief Designer: Wenfangsibao (Brothers-in-arms from the Whistleblow- ers’ Movement) General coordinator: Ms. L Talk (Brothers-in-arms from the Whistleblowers’ Movement) Assisted designers: X-MEN, Mingyueqingfeng, Wenhua, Wenxi, Cunzaizhuyikafeiting, Wensibudong, Wenchengcheng, Amber

It is the Whistleblower’ s Movement that has brought us together! In order to realize the Rule of Law, Democracy, and Freedom in the New Federal State of China, we have established the Himalaya Supervisory Organization (1). During the past 3 years, the Whistleblower's Movement, led by Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Stephen K. Bannon, has exposed the illegitimacy and true evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ( 2 ) and its deceptions. The Himalaya Supervisory Organization is a voluntary Non-Governmental Organization with no political affiliation of any kind. It is recognized by the international community and protected by International Law (3) along with the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society. It will serve as a bridge of communications between the New Federal State of China(4) and international communities in areas of cooperation, defending people’ s freedom, and protecting the security of assets on the basis of common development and mutual respect among the people of the whole world.

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